AR2257-005 Social Status x Air Jordan 6

Yesterday, Jordan Brand launched the NBA All-Star series, in which a pair of special materials Social Status x Air Jordan 6 attracted the attention of Xiaobian. Today, the official map is released, let us take a look. Social Status x Air Jordan 6 is inspired by the title of “Black Cat”, which is made of black horsehair and snakeskin. With the iconic purple of the Charlotte Hornets, the details are noble. In response, the insole is also purple. It is worth mentioning that the heel is the same as the black and red 6 generation, with the most OG Nike Swoosh. The upper edge of the upper is made of high-quality leather, which shows high specifications.

Nike Air Max Light was originally born in 1989. To celebrate its 30th birthday, Nike deliberately returned with OG’s color-matched Air Max Light. Nike Air Max Light is mainly white, with different shades of blue to highlight the color layering. At the same time, add gray to make the overall color match a more harmonious atmosphere. The upper is made of nub leather and mesh to ensure texture while enhancing breathability. The midsole is equipped with a visual Air Max air cushion for everyday commuting and jogging.

On the European and American music circles,2019 Sneakers Release, a non-brand manager, can be said to be numerous. But the shoe king in Sneakerhead may not be DJ Khaled. Not only does the brand deliberately send him a limited amount of shoes, he can always receive various over-limits through various relationships. Recently, he has released a pair of ultra-limited Air Jordan 6 Oregon PE shoes. The black suede upper is embellished with details such as a fluorescent green midsole and a heel flap. The upper is also vented into the Oregon “O” logo, which is very unique. Through his video on Twitter, you can see that he likes this pair of shoes very much. However, the speed of this pair of shoes, he is afraid to lose to the NBA shoe king P.J. Tucker. Because as early as 3 days ago, the Rockets played against the squad, Tucker was already on the foot of this pair of over-limit sneakers.

Black Red Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 555088-061

Last year, the Air Jordan 1 series of various color schemes sold well for a year. It has not been finished in January this year, and a number of color schemes have been released, and the momentum has not been reduced. Recently, a new color matching Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG detail map was re-exposed. The color scheme of this pair of shoes is similar to the “prohibition of resale” released last year, with large areas of black and white. The red Swoosh Logo echoes the red upper. The rare white flying wing logo is reflected in black leather, which is retro and extraordinarily eye-catching. At present, the black and red color of the “no resale” gold code market price has been nearly $1000, this black and red color is once a sale, it is a good alternative shoes, may directly affect the “no resale” market price.

A few days ago, 2019 Mens Jordans had exposed a pair of graffiti Nike Zoom Fly shoes. Today’s new pair of Nike Odyssey React 2 Flyknit is presented in the same way, to carry out the graffiti! The overall display of versatile black and white color, highlighting the simple design. The insole is presented in light pink, with a fresh, fresh breath. Different from the 1st generation of shoes, the rear side has a reinforcing design, while the more breathable and comfortable Flyknit replaces the mesh material. The biggest highlight is undoubtedly the graffiti element blessing. The Swoosh Logo on both sides of the vamp, the heel support, the inner midsole and the outsole are all in a unique style of graffiti. It is worth mentioning that the words “I Love Run” appear on the shoelaces and insoles. While ensuring the overall color of the color, it also points out the sports spirit that a runner should have.

In the summer of 2018, Air Jordan Sneakers launched the top-class basketball shoes Air Jordan 33 series, which combines excellent performance and outstanding appearance is undoubtedly one of the most highly regarded basketball shoes in recent years. Recently, another brand new color has been officially put on the official website. This color scheme is very festive with the “China Red” and black, which makes the mesh knit upper and mesh leather look extraordinarily extravagant. The slightly purple outsole gives the shoes a touch of playfulness. The overall color is very comfortable. It is a real-life model with a high value and good texture.

384664-060 Air Jordan 6 Bred Will Release in February

Recently, the most heavyweight sneakers are on sale. The black and red Air Jordan 6 Bred is scheduled to officially return on February 16th, and today’s foot map is also the first exposure! Ingeniously combining the two color words Black and Red, Bred Black is not only the earliest color matching theme of the Air Jordan series, but also the essential color matching for each positive generation. On the other hand, as Jordan’s first champion boots, it symbolizes the main color atmosphere of the Chicago Bulls. The classic status and super high popularity are self-evident. The last time it was re-enacted 5 years ago, the biggest difference is that the Nike Air logo is used in the first year to perfectly restore the OG dress. The black cow leather upper is complemented by a more intense laser red accent. Compared to 2014, many players have too shallow and partial powder, which is far from the impression. This time it is more in line with everyone’s mind!

The Air Jordan 1, which was released last year,Jordans 2019 Shoes has not been released for new products this year. In addition to a pair of all-star color combinations, the Air Jordan 1 “Crimson Tint”, which is dressed in black powder, must attract the attention of many players. As early as 2017, Jordan had created a pair of ultra-standard dirty powder for the Miami Art Basel. Air Jordan 1, because of the rare amount of goods limited by friends and relatives, the price of the shoes in the domestic market reached more than 30,000 yuan. This new black powder Air Jordan 1 undoubtedly meets everyone’s expectations for the pair of sky-high color. The familiar black toe dress is back again, but this year, the area of ​​the lychee skin is increased on the material, and the invisible texture is improved. Black contrasts with light pink, black occupies a larger proportion, retains versatile attributes while adding a personality-like eye-catching effect.

2019 Sneakers Release With the official launch of the adidas Ultra Boost 19 debut color at the end of last year, adidas’ new generation of super running shoes was also officially unveiled. In view of the colorful color of the Ultra Boost sold in the past, the Ultra Boost 19 also sells a variety of arrogant color combinations, but the popularity of it is often just on the adidas official website, it will be sold out, let Many Ultra Boost fans have never experienced this pair of running shoes. Recently, a new color matching Ultra Boost 19 official release. The upper part of the upper is made of black and pink. The lower part is decorated with pure white, and the upper support system is transformed into a pure black dress, and the overall texture is fresh and bright.

Will You Cop New Air Jordan 1 Mid Equality ?

As the black history month approached, Nike began to launch “Equality”, calling for racial equality. In addition to the upcoming LeBron 16 “Equality”, an Anthony-specific Air Jordan 1 Mid Equality will be officially launched next week. Continuing the black and white tones of the “Equality” series, the color distribution is almost identical to the classic black and white Air Jordan 1 OG. The Swoosh Logo is printed with a national wind totem texture that highlights the spirit of racial equality. The “EQUALITY” font followed by a unique pictogram symbol is more individual than a regular font. The tongue and insole also feature an exclusive Anthony logo that highlights the unique identity.

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers will jointly bring the new black moon “BHM” series each year, which is the opening ceremony of the annual sneaker circle. In the history of the number of sneakers, many black moon color combinations have become classics. At the end of last year, the Instagram shoe account houseofheat was first exposed to the news of the Black Moon Air Jordan 2 BHM this year, and the results were shown. Recently, the official map of these shoes was officially announced, which is completely different from the previous exposure. The shoes are mainly black, with rich dark details on the upper, and the geometric pattern is drawn in blue, yellow and pink. The outer sole also uses blue, yellow and pink stitching for strong visual impact. It also contains a strong ethnic customs. The details are also extremely rich, and the basketball logo on the tongue is highlighted in gold with a gold-tone embellishment. The left and right heels are marked with gold “BHM” and “NIKE” characters.

Ultra Boost is the most popular running shoe for adidas. This year, with a new look, it can’t help but make people shine. Recently, we are welcoming new color schemes for sale. The biggest highlight is the colorful woven upper, which extends from the toe to the heel, while ensuring integrity and visual impact. Compared to the past, the TPU at the heel of the Adidas Ultra Boost 2019 has been hollowed out, and the original three-line logo on both sides is combined and presented in a semi-transparent manner, taking into account the comfort and technology. It is worth mentioning that the volume of the midsole Boost has also increased, further enhancing the comfort in wearing.

Nike Air Max 98 CNY Girl Shoes is Coming Soon

Stepping into 2019, in order to celebrate the upcoming China Year, the most popular shoes players this month are undoubtedly the “CNY” series brought by various brands, whether it is luxury materials or Chinese culture blessing, “CNY” series Always attract the attention of domestic sneaker players. In the Nike 2019 CNY series we reported earlier, in addition to a pair of boys’ exclusive Nike Air Max 98 CNY, there is actually a pair of low-key girls exclusive color matching, and recently there are official pictures released. Different from the design of the boy’s exclusive new year color matching, the exclusive color matching of these girls is more low-key. The color inspiration still originates from the design of Baijiayi. It uses a variety of material stitching design, and the shoes are like the Chinese wind pressure of “terracotta warriors”. Printing, as well as the combination of six materials such as horsehair and patent leather, is particularly eye-catching. The pearl white patent leather and the warm orange visual air cushion collide with the Chinese year’s atmosphere. The most favorite girl’s favorite is the white fleece embellishment at the shoe body, which is definitely a very versatile choice. At the same time, the most expressive design is the “squatting” gesture under the sole of the sole, and the rich Chinese year is full of emotion.

The Air Jordan 19, born in 2004, is finally celebrating its first time, and the Air Jordan 19 Melo Flint Grey is on sale tomorrow! Although Michael Jordan himself was not wearing it on the court, his footsteps in China made everyone remember. Melo Anthony was the main driver of Air Jordan 19 in his early career. This time, the replica version is in the insole. There is also the word Melo on it. Followed by the Air Jordan 18 with a full palm zoom air cushion + followed by a separate zoom air cushion unit double-layer cushioning solution, supplemented by super-large carbon plate support. The exterior is inspired by the black Mamba snake tail, and the unique ancient chain mail style is woven with the new Tech-Flex technology. The toe cap is made of patent leather and is very similar to the simple shape of the Air Jordan 11. The protruding part of the forefoot and the heel of the heel greatly enhances the rollover prevention performance.

In 2018, Jordan Brand launched the top practical basketball shoes Air Jordan 33, which seems to be the atmosphere for the New Year celebration. This month will usher in a new pair of red color matching Air Jordan 33 University Red. The overall style of the shoes is mainly red, with black accents in the details, the logo of the tongue and heel are decorated with gold, and the fabric is also changed. The addition of mesh leather adds a luxurious temperament to the whole pair of shoes, and finally it is red. The crystal outsole is finished, and wearing it is the most eye-catching presence on the court! In terms of technology, the Air Jordan 33 made a major breakthrough. In addition to the continuation of the front and rear Zoom cushion and the carbon fiber board FlightSpeed ​​technology, the new technology-added FastFit fastening system replaces the shoelace system, which is not only convenient and quicker, but also enhances the upper and the shoe. The fit of the two feet is called the top level configuration, and the performance does not need to be rumored.

Are you excited for Air Jordan 4 ‘Cool Grey’ Return Next Year?

Jordan Brand will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 4 next year. In previous reports, a number of first-year color schemes and new color distributions have been released. According to recent news, Air Jordan 4 ‘Cool Grey’, which was launched in 2004, will return to resume next year. Although it is not the first year color, the Air Jordan 4 cool gray is loved by the sneaker players and many stars because of its fashionable and versatile temperament. Joe himself is personally on the scene when recording the program. The cool ash that started in 2004 is still fresh in the memory of many old shoe fans. The sleek and versatile gray matte leather upper is matched with the metallic lace hole and the yellow air cushion visible in the midsole. Highlight the exquisite highlights! After a lapse of 14 years, the news of the re-enactment has finally been released. It is understood that this pair of Air Jordan 4 cool gray will return to the next year, will be on sale in August.

Nike’s cooperation with Swarovski has come again, and of course it is a gorgeous dress that “Flash is not worth the effort”! This Nike Air Max 97 LX ‘Gold Swarovski’ continues the same design of the last silver color, but the new color of the local gold is more luxurious.

This year’s Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘A Star is Born’ sports pictorial color will be available this week. Bring a physical preview to everyone in advance to see if it is different and rich in detail. The upper is made of lychee leather, the color scheme is the most classic black and white, and the upper is complemented by the red flying wing logo. The most eye-catching part is the Swoosh Logo. Unlike the traditional leather version, this pair of “Sports Illustrated” is presented with innovative contrast embroidered embroidery with different shades of green gradient stripes, inspired by the defensive of Jordan on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Deer player jersey. The upper leather is also the same as the previous “Best Rookie” and OFF-WHITE, with an open design. On the inside, A Star is Born is printed on the inside, and the title of the title of “The birth of a superstar” on the cover of Sports Illustrated is of great significance.

Off White x Nike Air Force 1 Low Release New Colorways

This year’s OFF-WHITETM x Nike co-branded series has played a new trick, which is to sell two color combinations at the same time! The upcoming Off White x Nike Air Force 1 Low uses this combination, a pair of extraordinarily versatile versatile dresses, black body and white Swoosh, and a pair of absolute personality, fluorescent color, black Swoosh and the detailed text, I believe that through a few streets can attract a lot of eyeballs! Continuing the concept of GHOSTING ghosting, this time with a lightweight material to create the upper, the rough deconstruction of Swoosh and “AIR” is still very recognizable, it is clear at a glance. The design of the anti-theft buckle was also retained and appeared on the left shoe.

Since its official launch in March last year, Nike Air VaporMax has been one of the most popular Nike running shoes in recent years! The elegant and lightweight woven body, with the exaggerated VaporMax full palm cushion, both in terms of face value and foot feeling, have won a lot of praise! In front of the pair, Nike Air VaporMax CNY will appear in the network during the New Year. It is very similar to CLOT x Nike Air VaporMax 1.0. The bright red velvet covers the body of the shoe, with the same color of the crystal atmosphere outsole, the vision is very tension . The heel and insole are complemented by colorful floral decorations to create a festive atmosphere!

Yesterday, Kanya’s interaction with Drake on Twitter believed that everyone had already seen it. In the dozens of tweets before and after, the grandfather also took a selfie, and the new shoes on his feet were definitely the highlights in the photos. This new pair of shoes is most likely the new shoe model that adidas Yeezy will release in 2019. It is still presented in a classic stitching upper. The shoe-shaped body is complemented by a ring pull-tab. The pure black color scheme makes it even more The shoes are full of texture. This shoe type did not appear in the manuscript that the grandfather had in the past. Because it is a high-top style, it is very likely to be related to the Yeezy Season 8 Boots that will be released next year.

How do you feeling New Adidas Yeezy 700 Boost Colorways?

Although the Adidas Yeezy 700 Boost V2 shoe will be available for the first time at the end of this month, the Yeezy 700 Boost V1 shoe model will continue to be available in the new color scheme. Compared to the OG starter and the Mauve color scheme that has just been released, the next two are more consistent with Kanye West’s style. Yeezy 700 Boost “Salt” continues the refreshing dress of sea salt, light earth tones, so that these shoes have the temperament of the grandfather, but also more versatile. Another Yeezy 700 Boost “Inertia” is a gray tones that look like a raw rubber outsole. Many friends feel that OG’s first color match is not personal, but it is not good to wear, and these two new colors avoid this problem.

The co-branded series of “The Game of Rights” x adidas Ultra Boost, which we continue to report, today ushered in the appearance of the “Lanister Family”! And this “Lanister family” color matching, @yankeekicks took the lead to bring physical appreciation! As can be seen from the figure, the shoes are mainly made of red Primeknit upper, with a golden three-line dress, showing a strong aristocratic temperament. The label on the heel is the name of the Lannister family. The lion in the tongue of “Hear Me Roar” is the most representative of the “Lanister family”!

As an important signing star of adidas, Donovan Michelle not only succeeded in endorsing the brand’s latest basketball shoes adidas N3XT L3V3L, but also took the lead in the field. adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Static also caused a lot of attention! As a pioneering new style in the Yeezy 350 V2 family, the Static color scheme not only changes the iconic “paint strip” on the side of the shoe to a translucent material, but the texture of the upper is also refreshing. As can be seen from Michel’s upper foot, this pair is not a rumored limited edition of the 5000 pairs of “Giant Star” version, it should be a large-scale regular commercial version. Not only does it have a delicate texture, but the side-through paint strips set off by the elegant color scheme are even more eye-catching and full of freshness!

Nike Air Force 1 ‘the Dirty’ Will Release Next Month

This year, Nike Air Force 1 introduced a number of colors with a high degree of sincerity. Recently, there is another platinum Nike Air Force 1 ‘the Dirty’ color exposure, which will be released next month. The upper is made of the most classic pure white leather, decorated with gold lines, and the Swoosh Logo is also embroidered with gold thread, the details are exquisite and gorgeous. The use of ice blue crystal bottom is quite attractive. The upper is stamped with an apple pattern, and the lace buckle and insole are decorated with “ATL” letters, which may represent the Atlanta theme.

This year’s “Dragon Ball Z” and the adidas brought jointly drawing to a close, this partnership makes a lot of shoes custom division works have brought the topic of Dragon Ball. Recently, the Nike official has brought a pair of new Nike Air Max 98, which looks like Fliesa, and re-launched the 20th anniversary of the birth of the pair of shoes. The new color scheme is based on black and white ash, with purple and pink embellishments. It is the most authentic Fliesa theme. With the Air Max 98 retro shape, the value is really good. There should be quite a few people who like it!

This year, Air Jordan 1 became the most popular shoe type, and the high-end 9-hole version price is not cheap. Nowadays, even the 8-hole Air Jordan 1 Mid has already been “chicken and dog ascending to heaven”. It is represented by the new Huan, which has been the price of cabbage. Many of the Chinese color combinations are rising. Recently, there are three new color schemes that are very interesting to watch, and everyone must pay special attention. One pair of colors is similar to the Celtics. The shoes are the newest way to interpret the most classic black, white and green combinations. The matching method is similar to the small lightning. The white green not only creates the Celtics’ sense of sight. Black Swoosh’s outlines create a very eye-catching visual effect. With the popularity of Air Jordan 1 today, the Air Jordan 1 Mid has a lot of light, not only into the sight of the sneakers, but also the market price. Recently one pair of color resembles the Celtic Air Jordan 1 Mid, Yan absolute value to the shoe fans feeling shines! The shoes are a new way to interpret the most classic black, white and green combinations. The matching method is similar to the small lightning. The white green not only creates the Celtic’s sense of sight, but the black Swoosh’s outline is very bright. The visual effect of the eye.

Who else is hyped for the adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Burgundy Black?

Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Burgundy Black sock-style body made of Primeknit is uniquely woven with burgundy and black. The heel-brushed bracket follows the recent design trend of UltraBOOST, placed in a white BOOST midsole and a black Continental rubber outsole.But that patience should be rewarded as this Ultra Boost is one of the most impressive yet. The dark burgundy theme hits the Primeknit upper with woven black detailing throughout. That textured effect promises the best in snug comfort, complimented by a synthetic lace cage. This also features in a tonal shade of burgundy.Another unique feature on this Ultra Boost is the matte black overlay on the heel. This is new for the range and further sets this release apart as an exclusive. Finally, a contrasting white Boost unit makes an appearance underfoot with a sticky gum outsole for traction across all surfaces. A set of burgundy coloured laces are included.

Nike Air Max 95 is built with a White canvas while the mudguard and toe cap is done in Brown leather. Additionally the shoe includes matching White laces as well as a white interior. Navy blue is seen on the midsole, outsole, and Air Max branding. Finishing off the look for this new Nike Air Max 95 is 3M reflective details on the heel and tongue.

Nike Air Max 270 which is highlighted by a large Air Max unit that can be seen on the heel. The upper is made out of a breathable mesh paired up with fuse detailing on the mudguard and toe. Air 270 branding is placed on the tongue and ankle, and Swoosh logos on the side panel and by the toe. This particular colorway comes with an Orange base offset by the Black, Red and White accents found on both the upper and sole of the shoe.