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Since the Blue Snake Air Jordan 11 Low exposure, it has become one of the must-read shoes for this year! After 18 years, I will debut again. Whether it is a long-lost ornate snake pattern, or a low-cut style that is more suitable for the moment, plus the handsome value of the Air Jordan 11 shoe type, it will make it a star in the spring and summer streets! The first sale will be traced back to 2001, and this time it is also the first time that it has returned. Whether it is a unique gorgeous temperament or a long-lost high popularity, it is naturally expected by players! Different from the conventional patent leather material, the body of the shoe is blue python texture, which is definitely the most unique presence in the Air Jordan 11 color matching! Black and blue not only have a gorgeous and noble style, but also a unique material to show the wild fashion temperament.

2019 Mens Jordans,Regardless of how the trend changes, Pharrell Williams and adidas’ joint sneakers can always attract the attention of many sneaker players. At the beginning of last month, the new Human Made x adidas SolarHu Glide was exposed in GQ France. Earlier today, Human Made, the leader of Human Made, also personally took photos of the shoes on personal Instagram. The pure white body is presented with the iconic Human Made Logo, but the red color of the past is changed to a blue dress.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,In 2019, the 20th anniversary of Air Max Tailwind 4, the previous Supreme x Air Max Tailwind 4 joint name, let this pair of shoes regain everyone’s attention. Recently, another new color matching Nike Air Max Tailwind 4 will be available soon. On the white upper, the functional areas of the shoe are divided by black stripes. The small Swoosh logo on the toe is echoed by the heel fluorescent yellow logo. The side is embellished with a gradient of yellow-green stripes, and the midsole is echoed by a fluorescent yellow air cushion. The overall texture is full of retro style, and the bright color matching may make many shoe fans pay for it.

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The innovative design of the basketball adidas Crazy BYW is unique in terms of material mix and detail design. Atlanta street shop A Ma Maniere teamed up with adidas Consortium to create a pair of adidas Crazy BYW Low co-branded shoes. A Ma Maniere draws inspiration from the 1990 design style, starting with the concept of natural movement, with dark and light brown and dark purple. The upper is made of high-quality suede and nub leather. The simplified upper is more casual and more casual. Blessing the Boost midsole should also be very good in the foot experience.

Nike launched a number of high-profile WMNS series sneakers this year. Not only to meet the needs of the majority of women’s toe shoes, the size of up to 44.5 is enough to make boys happy, this pair of Air Jordan 12 Midnight Black will be available for more images at the end of the month. The body of the pure black dress is complemented by a gold buckle and a gold bezel. The OG is full of breath. The shoes are covered with ultra-high-profile crocodile leather and snake-studded dresses. It is worth mentioning that the inner lining is made of leather and the texture is more outstanding.

Although there is no Yeezy 350 V2 for sale this month, everyone’s attention to this shoe type is not diminished. Since the first exposure of a pure black side-through version, it has made countless players dream of it with its distinctive texture. Recently, there was news that the physical object that was previously exposed was the Sample version, and the commercial version was also released. The Yeezy 350 Boost V2 Black shows that the commercial version is the same as the Sample version. The overall shape is in black. The woven upper adds dark woven texture to the woven upper, and the familiar translucent woven material is attached to the side of the shoe. The new physical map also shows the 3M reflective laces of this color. It seems that the nickname “堕天使” is sitting down! The main difference between the commercial version and the Sample is that the red line is added to the heel strap. The same design was also used in the original Yeezy 350 “Pirate” pure black color. This time it seems to pay tribute to it.

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2019 Mens Jordans, the most important color that fans are concerned about, Air Jordan 1 Rust Pink is about to meet you. A group of beautiful physical maps were taken by the well-known sneaker shop owner gc911, and we can come together to appreciate the unique charm of these shoes. In this way, the details of the splinter shots are the same, and the shoes are made of black lychee and pink nubuck. The leather is fine, the texture is highly recognizable, and the overall shoe shape is very compact. The color scheme is simple and highly recognizable. Whether it is a boy or a girl, the upper foot effect should be very good.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Speaking of Hardaway, many fans may not know too much. But when it comes to his signature boots, Air Fomposite One, it’s almost a household name. In the air-mixed Air Fomposite One, Blue Spray is the most classic and the most story-telling. The color scheme of the shoes was a bit ahead of the aesthetics of the time. So the shoes were banned by the NBA at the time, and Hardaway painted the ripples of the foaming surface in black in the locker room. After evolution, it is now the tiger spray. As early as when Hardaway coached the NCAA Memphis Tigers, the Tigers were also qualified as friends and relatives of the coaching staff.

2019 Sneakers Release,The Nike React Element series has always been very popular with shoe lovers, not only has a good face value, but also a good foot feel. Recently, another new Nike React Element 55d series was first exposed. These shoes add a lot of detail to the basic running shoes. The lacing is surrounded by orange and blue patches and has a wavy silhouette that matches the beige upper and the brown Swoosh Logo. The sky blue midsole presents a unique vibrancy, and the yellow heel support echoes the laces and the collar, revealing a unique playful temperament and vitality.

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At the beginning of the exposure, the “Black Toe” Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Crimson Tint not only reproduces the Black Toe black toe design, the sultry black powder dress, and the textured lychee leather. Add a lot of points! These shoes are paired with black and flesh-and-pink, and the tongue label, flying wing logo and Swoosh are all rendered in an anti-hue style, striking and energetic. While highlighting the classic sporty temperament of Air Jordan 1, there is also a good fashion experience, definitely a new generation of street eye-catching artifacts!

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The famous sneaker shop atmos once again joined hands with Nike, inspired by the Nike sportswear of the 1990s, and presented the visual effect of “Pencil”. Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light upper also incorporates a transparent material “armor” design to cater to the PVC transparent fashion trend, but also has a handsome line that looks like “mechanical”! This pair of atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light will be expected tomorrow, the eye-catching effect of the upper foot is also expected, each different angle has different visual effects, whether it is color tone or pattern texture, it is extremely varied and dynamic, absolutely Is the favorite of individual players!

2019 Sneakers Release,The 3 silk-themed Air Force 1 suddenly fell, making the wallet unpredictable! Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Premium 3 Pale Ivory In addition to blue and orange, the white ones have the feel of CLOT white silk. The Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Premium 3 features the same shoe style as the CLOT, with a delicate floral texture on the upper. This series of satin uppers should not be torn off, and there is no CLOT co-branded leather lining, but the visual effect and the upper foot effect, I am afraid it is very close!

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This new generation of sneakers is no longer a stranger to many shoe fans. Recently, the foreign sneaker custom player j.theripper, once again created a unique OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 11 shoes. Such a brain hole is wide open and amazing. The shoes are based on the Air Jordan 11 Low, which is constructed in a deconstructed form. Covered by transparent flaps, the straps are extended by the lace buckles to the midsole, and the Swoosh Logo is added to the shoes. This way of matching is rare! The inner layer of the shoe body, the original patent leather position is replaced by suede material; the upper, the upper to the heel, the lychee skin, the eversion sponge will bring the deconstruction essence of the OFF-WHITE joint series to the fullest. In terms of details, bright orange label stickers are dotted around the shoe, and “AIR” echoes the heel of the shoe. The signature label is also added on the inside, if it is not known to be custom, or really think it is a new joint name! We have also reported the work of this custom player, and the design of the Air Jordan 3 is really amazing for many fans.

The Air Jordan 33 SE version is the first to bring Guo Allen’s player-specific color matching. In contrast, the SE version of the shoe design is simplified on the basis of the Air Jordan 33. The technology configuration is still equipped with the FastFit strap system and Zoom Air cushioning. . In this color match, I used the refreshing lake green as the main theme. The personal element of Guo Ailun on the shoes is extremely rich, and it is definitely the most eye-catching point on the court.

2019 Mens Jordans design of shoes has been constantly revolutionized and innovated. It is with such a concept that the fans can’t go to the sneakers. Recently, another Air Edge 270 with a unique design concept was first exposed. The shoes are based on the Air Max 270 and are reinvented with the inspiration of basketball shoes. Grey body, combined with leather and fabric. The shoelace buckle design is enlarged and fixed by 6 velcro buttons on the left and right sides of the shoe. The orange-colored belt separates the big tongue from the middle, followed by an orange shoe. A change in the previous lightweight forefoot design, joined the wider and thicker basketball shoes outsole, the lines are tough. Followed by an air cushion, complemented by a transparent square Swoosh Logo for a solid midsole. More functional, the upper foot effect should be very good.

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After exposure, I will pay more attention to it. This pair of black powder jelly Air Jordan 1 is probably the next pair of Superman balloon shoes! However, the latest news said that the date of sale of these shoes may be advanced to April 13th, which is undoubtedly good news for friends who can’t wait to get started. Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint shoe color scheme uses the first year black and red color template, large-area black dress, the toe, upper and heel are complemented by pink. The black part is made from lychee leather for a unique texture. Although it is OG’s nine-hole shoe type, it has changed the traditional retro temperament, and the bright color creates a vivid atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that this time I changed the pink color of the past, there are some jelly orange atmosphere, the effect of the foot is very refreshing, the eye-catching eye-catching dress can be described as men and women!

Earlier we reported on a canvas upper Nike Air Force 1, a unique texture and full of details to make a lot of players plant grass. Today, a pair of identically dressed Nike SB Blazer Low “Procell” has been released on the US official website. Nike SB Blazer Low Procell is mainly made of light yellow, with white accents in the details, and a small fresh breath. Different from the previous shoes, the canvas upper is used to show people a more refreshing and pleasant experience, and it is more suitable for the spring and summer style. It is worth mentioning that the edge of the upper is also showing a rough white paint, showing the casual street charm. The “New York City” print on the insole and the “NYC” embroidered on the heel show the design inspiration from New York City.

Among the new products released this week, there is a pair of Air Jordan 13 Atmosphere Grey that needs to be focused on. It was already exposed at the beginning of this year, and after two months of waiting, it will finally officially debut. As the new color matching of Air Jordan 13, this time with a simple white and gray as the main tone, deep, light gray echoes the combination
of lychee and suede, bringing a good texture and level to the whole pair of shoes. In the Air Jordan generation, the white and gray color has always had a good popularity. This time, the “Atmosphere Grey” has similarities with the Earl’s Air Jordan 13 in previous years. After the exposure, many people have expressed their fondness.

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The Air Max 95 is definitely a must-have item in the OG shoe sneakers. Whether it’s commuting or going out, this pair of retro running shoes is absolutely classic. With the arrival of spring and summer, Nike has once again launched a lot of flamboyant color matching for Air Max 95. The Volt Solar Red will soon be on sale. Black and white shoes, with fluorescent green, rose powder two-tone gradient embellishment, echoes with the midsole gas column, very recognizable, very suitable for spring and summer.

Jordans 2019 Shoes update the new Air Max 720, which was just launched at the beginning of the year, has won the praise of many shoe fans with its exaggerated full-handed air cushion and awkward foot experience. In the same period, Jordan Brand designed a new Jordan Proto Max 720 shoe from this new technology. The black and red color version has been reported many times before, and a new black gold color has been exposed again. These shoes feature a gold-tone upper with black laces, velcro and more. A white midsole that complements the colorful metallic lumbar support. The transparent air cushion is matched with a milky white outsole, and the overall design is simple and clean, but also has a unique temperament.

LeBron James’s strength as a basketball player is recognized by everyone, and his sensitivity to fashion trends is also appreciated by people in the industry. Previously, Nike Sneakers specially designed the LeBron 16 boots “HFR” for the upcoming Harlem’s Fashion Row fashion show award ceremony in New York. The most attractive thing about the Nike LeBron 16 HFR is its unique and aggressive design! The beige leather body perfectly highlights the brown belt around the upper and the gold LBJ Logo lock, plus the golden spiral pattern of the hemp rope in the midsole, like the boots at the foot of the ancient Roman gladiator! It is worth mentioning that the domineering embossing of the heel, the remaining laces directly around the shoes, bitten by the lion’s mouth, for the most explosive design highlights of the shoe! The lion embossed on behalf of the king, the LeBron who feels that the alliance is called the lion heart is indeed deserved! Although the original design was originally intended for the fashion show, the configuration is unequivocal. As with the regular version, the midsole also uses Zoom + Max Air’s hybrid cushioning technology, while taking into account the sense of fashion, but also ensure that the shoes still have a strong practical ability.

2019 Nike Air Max Plus WU-TANG CLAN Will Release Soon

Nike Air Max Plus is popular with hip hop enthusiasts for its retro look and avant-garde design. Recently, Nike has teamed up with the well-known New York HIP-HOP combination WU-TANG CLAN to bring a Nike Air Max Plus WU-TANG CLAN with a color matching. The color scheme is simple and simple. The whole is white as the base, supplemented by black outlines. The rear Air Max air cushion pillar adopts yellow makeup points, which echoes the toe reinforcement and the yellow dress on the edge of the upper, highlighting the youthful vitality. It is worth mentioning that the bracket on the upper is presented in a white to yellow manner and is full of playfulness.

Recently, Nike has brought its new retro shoes Air Max 1 and Air Max 98 to a new color matching eye-catching leopard dress! The new Nike WMNS Air Max 1 Premium collection is called Black Leopard. The leather and fabric are made of high-quality leather. The black body is covered with black and blue contrasting leopard prints to create a mysterious atmosphere. It also shows the trend of neon color and wildness!

With its simple body design, the Nike Air Force 1 has become the best “canvas” for many designers, and it has become more eye-catching as the theme changes. This time, it brings a new product that incorporates cherry blossom powder color and deconstruction design. Nike Air Force 1 Jester High XX Wmns upper is soft and pink leather, with a white midsole and purple Swoosh embellishment. There is a Velcro brace at the upper, which enhances the overall design while being easy to put on and take off. It is worth mentioning that the logo of the heel of this pair of shoes uses a unique design to reverse the whole piece of leather, which is extremely recognizable. A label design has been added to the outside of the shoe body, which has a feeling of deconstructing the wind.

AR6632-401 Nike WMNS Air VaporMax 2019

Nike has always been avant-garde and bold in the innovation of color. The design competition of Nike Air Max Day has pushed the color matching of the Air Max series to a higher level. Recently, a new color matching Air VaporMax 2019 official release. The outermost layer of the Nike WMNS Air VaporMax 2019 is covered with a very chic misty blue flap, and the inner layer is matched with a metallic blue dark blue, which is in harmony with the matte aluminum. The heel of the midsole is embellished with blue and purple like a starry sky. The light blue of the outsole is the perfect color of the shoes. It is fresh and chic.

Since the official launch of the adidas Ultra Boost 2019 last year, a number of color schemes have followed. Recently, the new “Grey Powder” color scheme has just been released, and the well-known sneaker creative blogger glackster has opened a series of very interesting photos with these shoes, vividly showing the unique upper design of these shoes. .

Today the adidas official public number officially announced the results of the Yeezy 700 “Salt” winning. Students who are accompanying the run should not be discouraged. At 10 o’clock tomorrow, the adids official website will give you a chance to start the original price! In addition to the popular Salt color scheme, the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia, which was released on March 9th, is also worth your attention. The whole is made up of different shades of gray, which highlights the sense of layering and returns to the most familiar earth color dress. The midsole is decorated with bold orange accents, adding a touch of vitality. The upper is still presented with a fur and breathable mesh, and the 3M reflective material that Grandpa loves will naturally not be absent. In the spring of warmth, this extremely refreshing adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Inertia” will be the perfect choice for your daily routine.

Air Jordan 1 Flight Nostalgia Release This Friday

Long-awaited, 2019 Mens Jordans official website finally popped up this Air Jordan 1 Flight Nostalgia release notice, it seems that this Friday’s sale is really hammered! With a very refreshing white color, the lake is green and the body is made of leather and fur. It is easy to relax and has a good texture. In detail, in addition to the “SP 19 Air Jordan 1 High OG” print on the upper, the “Nike Air” lettering on the tongue is also eye-catching. The purple laces that accompany the shoes complement the water and green of the shoes, highlighting the theme of the Charlotte Hornets, and also aiming to pay tribute to the city that hosts the NBA All-Star Game. The effect of the upper foot is also extraordinarily fresh and pleasant, suitable for the “vibrant” style, and it is also very suitable to cater to the upcoming spring.

2019 Sneakers Release Putting a lot of running topics in the form of graffiti on the vamp, this pair of Nike Zoom Fly SP Fast not only makes you full of personality, but also saves you the trouble of finding someone to customize shoes. The refreshing and pleasant light pink main color is black graffiti, the flaps upper and the white midsole are covered, and the lively and pulsating style also gives a relaxed and pleasant feeling. The Nike Zoom Fly SP Fast official website will be on sale soon. It caters to the highly popular graffiti theme in the field of sneaker customization. This pair of running shoes is also particularly suitable for the upcoming spring.

Travis Scott, a talented rapper with a unique trend, has caused an uproar since the first collaboration with Jordans 2019 Shoes. Recently, the Travis Scott x Air Jordan XXXIII, which was repeatedly exposed, has finally been officially released. This color scheme is dominated by Travis Scott’s favorite olive green, and the body is made of mesh and hot-melt reinforcement. The
white label of the tongue is logo, followed by the white line Nike Logo. The overall material selection and detailing design has a strong western denim temperament, and the FastFit fastening system on both sides of the shoe is fixed in position, made of black nubuck and olive green matte leather. The side stretch is changed to a wide drawstring with the words “PULL PROJECT”. In the back half of the shoe, the heel is wrapped in brown suede. The cross line is like a saddle, very elegant. The black and white in the back of the midsole is divided into two, which is unique.