adidas Yeezy 500 Soft Vision Will Release Next Month

After the Yeezy 500 released the “Bone White” color scheme at the end of last month, the next pair of new color matching Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision” is about to debut. Recently, the official figure of this pair of shoes was officially exposed. Previously, the shoes will be officially released this month, and it seems that the release date has been postponed. The official official map of the adidas Yeezy 500 Soft Vision is not much different from the initial exposure. The upper design continues the Yeezy 500’s consistent fleece leather with mesh. The whole upper and the midsole are decorated with cute and sweet pale pink. It should be the first time in the entire Yeezy series. Finally, the raw rubber outsole is used, which may make many girls favor it.

Jordans 2019 Shoes launched a number of color distribution This year is the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 4, in addition to black and red and cool gray color matching is classic enough, there is no very heavy color matching. In the first news of this year, the black cat Air Jordan 4 Black Cat, which was born in 2006, is likely to return to the next year. It can be seen that the shoes are still covered in pure black, continuing the classic style of black cat color, but the overall details have changed a lot. The biggest highlight is that the entire upper is made of horsehair material, which adds a luxurious texture and also brings good warmth performance, which is more suitable for the current autumn and winter seasons. The details of the shoe body are metal-gloss effect, which further highlights the gorgeous texture, which makes the pair of black shoes in a low-key, but also has an extraordinary fashion temperament.

New Jordan 2019 Following the launch of the “Black and Blue” Air Jordan 12, the “Reverse Gold Buckle” color will be brought at the end of the year. Recently, a new white and gray color matching network has emerged. In just a few months, the Air Jordan 12 series is on sale. ! The new color scheme, called Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey, is presented in a white leather body with a grey fender. The lining is also in grey tones. The overall performance is very low-key and simple. The heel of the iconic Jumpman Logo and the 23 lettering is bright red, which instantly invigorates the entire pair of shoes and is full of eye-catching effects. In addition, the silver metal texture of the shoe body adds a sense of visual layering. At the end of December, it is the best time for the Air Jordan 12 to go on foot. Although the AJ 12 is not as popular as the AJ 1 super-popular shoes, it is a good opportunity for friends who love this pair of Jordan classic boots.

Air Jordan 4 WNTR Loyal Blue Will Release in December

This year, as the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 4, many special color schemes were released. In 2019, it is near the end of the year. Except for the black and red color matching Air Jordan 4 in the first half of the year, the most popular is probably the Air Jordan 4 WNTR exposed in the previous period. Loyal Blue”. Air Jordan 4 WNTR Loyal Blue features a deep midnight blue tone design with black body support, grey lace buckles, black and white and grey midsole and outsole. The color scheme is basically the same as the Air Jordan 4 “Encore”. . The unique material design presents a very delicate texture, and the coral orange lining on the tongue is quite recognizable. The breathable grid on the side of the shoe is changed to hard small hole leather.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Halloween will be ushered in at the end of October, and the new shoes for the brands will be exposed in the near future. In addition to the previously exposed Air Force 1, another Halloween theme Air Force 1 has also ushered in physical exposure. The body of the shoe is decorated in orange and black, which can be seen as a representative pumpkin lantern theme. The use of large-scale patent leather with a good quality lychee leather, coupled with heel embroidery, such a high-profile Air Force 1 is really rare in recent years, and even quite a sense of fear of the series. In addition to the Halloween theme, this color is also integrated into the popular cultural sanctuary of Shibuya, Tokyo. The SBY embroidery followed by Shibuya is also an abbreviation of the influence of Halloween culture in Japan.

Cheap Jordans 2020,The Nike Shox BB4 returned this year, has made many old players feel full of emotions, following the first black and silver color matching, the Raptors color matching and the unique FIBA ​​color matching. Recently, the red and white color that Carter himself had worn in the 2001 All-Star Game is about to return. The whole pair of shoes is matched with classic red and white, and the original taste returns to the all-star game color of the year. The streamlined body contour and the upper is made of thick leather. In addition to the large body of the shoe, the stiff upper, the overall body has a good visual effect. The details are also outstanding, with the iconic “Five-Point” logo on the side, the laser-finished silhouette on the toe, the tongue, the neckline, the Mini Swoosh and the heel. The hegemonic Shox air column is followed by a more exaggerated design for the entire pair of shoes.

2019 Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid Release Two Colorways

Both the physical picture and the foot map have been seen countless times, and the latest two colors of the Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid are finally on sale! Different from the previous gorgeous dress, this time is a simple new product. The leather upper designed by the middle, this shoe type is also a perfect match for autumn and winter wear, and will become the darling of street players. A pair of black and grey tones, Sacai’s unique exaggerated deconstruction elements are still eye-catching. The other pair is a refreshing white-gray tone, which is more eye-catching and more energetic, and the visual level is still rich and delicate.

Jordans 2019 Shoes welcomes the joint new products. This time, together with the local skateboard shop Ben-G in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, brings another cooperation. I chose the Dunk SB Low low-cut shoes, which is currently hot. It seems that there is no Swoosh in the distance, but in the near future, you will find that these shoes actually have “numerous hooks”! The pure white leather upper is covered with small Swoosh in various directions, and it is displayed on the upper with the impression of printing. The visual experience is quite special. The white body is paired with a beige sole, and the inner lining and tongue label are decorated in fresh green. The overall effect is refreshing and easy to wear.

Cheap Jordans 2020 has brought another city color scheme with the same theme, which is the Nike Air Force 1 Low “What The NYC”. Like the LA version, it uses a multi-material multi-tone asymmetrical approach. This NYC New York version also incorporates graffiti text, which is also eye-catching in the choice of materials. In addition to a variety of leather texture stitching, you can also see tannin fabric and basketball material! Bring a familiar and unique visual experience. The far-sightedness is an eye-catching eye-catching artifact, and the near-reward is a visual boutique with a delicate artistic sense.

BQ5616-002 Nike Air Max 95 Winter Utility To Release Soon

2019 Mens Jordans,Air Max Plus is a retro running shoe with a high rate of high foot rate in recent years. Recently, a new Deconstructed deconstructed version has appeared. Nike Air Max Plus Orange Grey is different from the traditional fabric upper with rubber bracket reinforcement. This new version has no rubber on the upper part of the upper, and the reinforcement part is also stitched with fabric. The lower part is the fur material. The pattern of the upper is also presented in the car line, while the neckline is treated with a thin single layer of leather to make the feet feel more comfortable. In terms of color tone, it is very bright orange, with a silver-gray midsole, and the look is very cool.

Nike Air Max 95 has always been a favorite series of fashion players, and many colors can show extraordinary temperament on the upper. Recently, a new color matching Air Max 95 is exposed, and it is also specially designed for the winter. The Nike Air Max 95 Winter Utility is available in grey tones. The shades of gray are applied to the Air Max 95’s signature wavy body, which is rich in layering and matched with a gray midsole, perfect for fall and winter seasons. The biggest highlight is that the details of the shoe body are added with bright fluorescent green embellishment to invigorate the whole pair of shoes. At the same time, 3M reflective elements and waterproof materials are added to further reflect the function of the shoes.

2019 Yeezy Boost After the two pairs of super large volume new products Yeezy 350 V2 “Cloud White” and “Citrin” color release, a lot of new color matching Yeezy 350 V2 have been exposed, it is really dazzling. But this morning, yeezymafia, who has always been informed and well-informed, also revealed the news about the new color scheme of Yeezy 350 V2. From the pictures he took out, the three new colors that were previously exposed will be officially released in December and January, respectively, to enrich the Yeezy product line in the winter of 2019. The three new color schemes still use the recently popular stitching design. Yeezy 350 V2 “Yecheil” is a black body with red, yellow and blue embellishments, a bold and bold color scheme, and a heel shoe design that eliminates the asymmetrical version of the body. The Yeezy 350 V2 “Yeezreel” is dominated by fluorescent green, which is similar to the previous yellow zebra and luminous color “Glow In The Dark”. The unique feature is the black texture added to the woven upper. The third pair Yeezy 350 V2 “Yeshaya” is a purple body, and it is blended with black and yellow.

2019 Nike Air Max 270 React is Available Now

Recently, the Nike Air Max 270 React has launched a new color scheme. It seems that the combination of Air Max and React has been loved by everyone. Recently, a pair of dark new products officially appeared. Nike Air Max 270 React is dominated by black and dark blue. The purple and sky blue accents add layering. The gradient color creates a mysterious atmosphere at midnight. The liquid gold Swoosh and green Air Max air cushion on the upper are undoubtedly the whole. The finishing touch of the pair of shoes.

The Air Jordan 12 has always been one of the high-end balloon shoes of the Zhengdai series, and the high-priced 6:00 color at the beginning of the year naturally proves this. Looking back at the many classic colors that have been introduced, the most impressive is the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”, which is also known by the fans as the gold button color. Recently, an Air Jordan 12 with a reversed gold button color will be launched soon. In terms of color tone, the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” is the same. The Air Jordan 12 Reverse Taxi is made of black and white. The extremely simple contrast style is very eye-catching. The side of the shoe is embellished with a classic gold-tone buckle, adding a touch of luxury to the overall calming style. The heel is very similar to the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”. The square logo with yellow and red colors is very conspicuous. With the red 23 lettering, it has a great year.

The new Yeezy products, which are finally coming to the fore, will finally be on sale tomorrow. The two series of 350 V2 series will be officially launched, including adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Cloud White and “Citrin”. They also include two versions of the starry sky. The “Cloud White” color scheme, which is kindly called “Ice Blue Side” by netizens, follows the design of the early ice blue color scheme. The overall blue cold gray upper is very refreshing under the background of the milky white background. neat. The other “fitted color” Yeezy 350 V2 “Citrin” combines the previously-supplied three-double area color matching, and the upper is composed of yellow, gray and light yellow to create a refreshing stitching tone. It is undoubtedly a fresh choice for the fall! The two color matching uppers are presented in a spliced ​​form with Primeknit woven fabric. The different thickness of the plaid and the delicate and delicate texture are stitched under the side and the inside of the shoe, and the way to eliminate the heel design further reflects 350 V2. The simplicity of the collection.

555088-170 Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight is Available

The high probability of the release of the official map means that a pair of sneakers will be on sale soon. This morning, the Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight, which had previously been crazy, finally officially released the official map. The white-tone body has a striking lemon-yellow embellishment, and the Swoosh inside and outside the shoe is designed with white and yellow yin and yang. The most special place is naturally a number of bar code elements such as heel and upper, which ingeniously incorporates Jordan’s career data into it, and is decorated with the signature of the flying person’s autograph. The egg is quite rich! At the same time, this leather material is also worth mentioning. This time, the punching leather which is not common on the Air Jordan 1 is used, and the breathability is obviously improved.

2019 Cheap Jordan and the “Zoo Series” created by famous Japanese fashion stores are sure to impress many fans. The leather texture of the animal’s fur is decorated on the upper, showing a wild and unpretentious street temperament. Similar to this series, Jordan Brand brought the “Zoo Series” to the Air Jordan 3. Recently, the famous overseas sneaker blogger zsneakerheadz released a special Air Jordan 3 “Animal Pack” color scheme. The Air Jordan 3 Animal Pack is made from a variety of animal-like leathers such as crepe, ostrich and crocodile. The overall texture is very luxurious. The color of each part of the leather is also very harmonious, presented in the tough shape of the Air Jordan 3, with a unique sense of quality. Not only that, but the sneaker blogger SHOF also released two different Air Jordan 3 “Animal Pack” color schemes. These two models are made of materials such as horse hair and tiger skin. The shoes are dark and have a special temperament of the king of beasts.

2019 Yeezy Boost,Today’s cloud white color matching Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Cloud White” officially opened this autumn and winter Yeezy 350 V2 release curtain! Next, a number of new products with 350 V2 side-through designs will be on the market, and today the Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “YEEZREEL” new color will be officially launched in December. As we have reported before, there will be a new wave of weird new Yeezy 350 V2 debut, in front of this pair of YEEZREEL color scheme in the details, color and material, are hidden surprises! Fluorescent green is used as the main color, but the upper is also added with the “Starry” 3M reflective effect, which creates a unique upper feel. In addition to the reflective surface of the vamp, the luminous sole is also a highlight of this color scheme! Reflective + Luminous, the combination of the two eye-catching elements, this pair of shoes to make you the “the brightest star in the night,” the intention, it is obvious!

Jordan Jumpman 2020 Will Release Soon

Jordans 2019 Shoes will be on sale at the end of the month, is believed to be one of the most anticipated shoes in the near future. But before this top boot, a new mid-end combat shoe Jordan Jumpman 2020 is about to debut, and there are four color combinations available for sale at the same time! The first color scheme is very similar to the exposed Air Jordan 34, and the same color scheme is striking. The upper is made of fabric with leather, and through the translucent fabric, the inner layer of support can be seen. The toe also has hot melt reinforcement to protect the toes. The most popular point is the sole. From the outsole shape, the forefoot is equipped with a considerable zoom cushion, and the foot feels worth looking forward to.

New Jordan 2019,Since Nike and NBA have cooperated, in addition to providing jerseys, there are also a lot of clothing and shoes. Recently, a new wave of NBA-themed shoes for the new season debuted, and three Nike shoes from Nike Cortez were released. The three models are mainly red, blue and yellow, and the uppers are made of leather. The biggest feature is that Swoosh and the midsole are two-color stitching design, cool and unique. The NBA and Nike Logo logo design on the tongue highlights the collaborative theme.

As a member of the WNBA Future Hall of Fame, Sue Bird has always maintained a good relationship with Nike. Recently, a Kyrie 5 created for her has released the official map. Let’s take a look! Personality graffiti is spread over pure white shoes, showing a full street atmosphere. The white pitched grass design of the Nike Kyrie 5 is covered with a colorful flying line, which is particularly eye-catching. The light blue outsole also incorporates multi-color embellishments, echoing the shape of the shoe, which is definitely a good pair of real weapon. The most eye-catching design is the #Keep Sue Fresh, followed by embroidery design, which is inspired by the European text to pay tribute to the WNBA legendary star.

554724-057 Air Jordan 1 Mid Johnny Kilroy To Release

After Jordan’s first retirement, Jordan created the role of Johnny Kilroy for Air Jordan 9’s promotion, which was inspired by the 2012 Air Jordan 9 special color scheme. Recently, Jordan Brand incorporated this with inspiration into the Air Jordan 1 Mid, bringing the new Air Jordan 1 Mid Johnny Kilroy. The overall style of the shoes is black and silver. The black synthetic leather upper is matched with the silver patent leather. It has a good visual texture. The red accents are added to the details. The quality is good and the value is quite high. It should be loved by many people.

New Jordan 2019 With its super-high topicality, there is a tendency to book the shoe king of the year in advance. The long-exposure Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6, also has a high degree of attention, rumors will be officially released next week! The overall shape is made of suede, using Travis Scott’s personal favorite olive green as the main tone, the details are embellished with bright orange, sharp and eye-catching. There are no small changes in the details, such as the original raised on the outside of the upper is changed to a canvas pocket, and you can see the Travis Scott logo. The right heel is printed with the “Cactus Jack” label, which highlights the unique co-branded identity. In addition, the body also hides 3M reflective design and large-area luminous outsole blessing, whether it is the overall design or the details of the depiction, compared to the previous anti-hook Air Jordan 1, the point of view can be said to increase!

2019 Cheap Jordan officially released the new top-level real basketball shoes Air Jordan 34, are you all being screened? Unlike last year’s Air Jordan 33, which gradually unveiled the veil, the pair 34 has never been exposed before, and the explosion has turned out to make the entire shoe circle shock. Today, the fastest Air Jordan 34 out of the box is available, and the Air Jordan 34 configuration technology and design details are fully presented. Whether it is past, present or future, Air Jordan’s generation of shoes has always represented Jordan Brand basketball shoes. The highest level. Each generation is entrusted with the expectations of many sneaker lovers. This year’s Air Jordan 34 technology-sounding appearance should satisfy everyone’s expectations. Let’s not talk about the configuration and the sense of the foot. The single value of the styling is the unique existence of basketball shoes. The first color match is the pair of Air Jordan 34 “Blue Void”, inspired by the future style and cyberpunk. One of the most subversive features of the whole pair of shoes is the hollow design of the midsole, officially named Eclipse Plate midsole technology. The Air Jordan 34 is the first pair of Eclipse Plate technology shoes designed with bold shapes to remove all excess material.

Will You Cop 2019 New NBA x Nike Air Force 1?

The top sneakers from Los Angeles, USA The Shoe Surgeon is world-renowned, and each of their works is handmade, conquering countless people with exquisite workmanship and luxurious materials. Not only is the work done, The Shoe Surgeon team is very productive, and the NBA x Nike Air Force 1 series has recently been created for the French luxury brand Zadig & Voltaire’s New York Fashion Week show. The series consists of five color schemes, three of which are Air Force 1 High and two pairs of Air Force 1 Low. Although the theme is NBA, the NBA’s color elements are not obvious in terms of color matching. Top workmanship and luxury fabrics continue the tradition of The Shoe Surgeon, and you can see that Zadig&Voltaire’s brand logo is on the tongue or heel of each pair of shoes, which should not be commercially available.

2019 Sneakers Release will be welcoming a series of pure white John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon Next week, which is officially released today. Last year, Los Angeles fashion brand John Elliott teamed up with Nike to create the John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon for LeBron James. John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon A translucent flap upper with rich stripe detailing. The Nike LeBron 8’s full palm Air Max air cushion is used as a midsole and soft leather lining.

2019 Yeezy Boost is welcoming an unexpected big news today. The black angel Yeezy Boost 350 V2, which was released in June, will welcome the whole family size replenishment news. In addition to Yeezy Supply, the rumored official website will also cover it. Although “Replenishment” has become a regular operation of the Yeezy family, the Black Angel Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has always had a high popularity with its long-lost black theme. Compared to other Yeezy Boost 350 V2 color schemes, it has a cool black side-through shape, and brings back the classic red line heel shoes. It has high street recognition, is resistant to dirt and easy to care, and also hides 3M. Sci-fi effect of shoelace reflection

Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 Will Release Next Month

Jordans 2019 Shoes threw a pair of Nike Air Force 1 that had never been exposed to fans during the concert. The shoes that Travis Scott and Nike have collaborated on have a hot market response. From the appearance point of view, it has a great difference from the previous joint style. It does not use the solid color body to change the hook design, but multi-color block stitching. The highlight of the whole pair of shoes is the zipper design of the shoelace part. The thicker upper material is more suitable for the upcoming autumn and winter wear. Compared with the previous design of the hook, barb and upper pocket, the new co-branded playability and innovation are reduced, and there may be other materials used in the midsole and outsole design and the previous Air. Force 1 has the same joint name, and the creamy white midsole is finished with a raw rubber material outsole.

Nike Air More Uptempo, which is called “big AIR” by sneaker players, is a street-wearing artifact. Recently, the famous sneaker account gc911 has a pair of Tiffany color matching products, let’s take a look! The overall Tiffany color of the shoe body is primed, and the black AIR lettering is complemented by white outlines. The signature Swooh at the heel creates a strong visual contrast and a rich retro feel. While continuing the domineering retro appearance, it also presents different trends of the past. The effect of the upper foot must also be extraordinary, and become a good hand in the street!

Recently, many new shoes for sneakers have been exposed one after another. The new generation of LeBron series boots that represent Nike’s top configuration is sure to be one of the most anticipated. Today, the release of the photos of the James team training, it is obvious that LeBron 17, let us once again see the full view of this new boots. Returning to the high-top style of Nike LeBron before the 15th generation, the upper is still made of woven material, and the line texture design is believed to bring superior support. The black-and-grey line dress is very similar to the ash color of the previous two generations. In terms of sole technology, it seems that the back palm should use a larger Air Max air cushion, and the forefoot looks like a cushioned window design. This technology configuration should be suitable for more styles. Previously, James had been on the foot several times and kissed him. LeBron 17, so ahead of time, the side shows that James’ recognition of this new shoe also makes us look forward to it.